Gameplay Design, Programming, 3D Animation


8-Person Team


FISHGUN is a chaotic fish-person shooter in which you feed your fish gun random upgrades to defeat hordes of fruit.

Players pick up upgrades that change how the gun shoot. Some apply effects to the bullets, like making them explode or bounce. Others completely change how/what the gun shoots, such as the railgun and laser. Eating upgrades to apply them to the fishgun is the only way to heal, so players often must choose between gaining health and keeping a good combination of effects.

One of our main goals was to create fluid player movement that could serve as a base for chaotic abilities and gameplay. I spent a lot of time programming the player controller and tweaking values (so many values!) to make it feel great. A large part of this was adding camera movement to the player's actions, like jumping, sliding, and headbob while running.

FISHGUN running in showcase mode on 3 CRTs