Rocks and Stocks


Design, Programming, UI, Sound Design


2-Person Team


Rocks and Stocks is an online co-op asteroid mining simulator with a dangerously volatile economy. Players pilot their spaceship through asteroid fields and harvest rocks with a grabber arm, then return to a space station and sell them before running out of oxygen. Players can also invest their hard earned money into stocks of various companies - hopefully keeping enough money to refill their oxygen supply.

This was my first game with online multiplayer. I gained a lot of experience with online networking code and steam/discord integration

The UI was a large focus for me. I wanted to have more fun interactions than just clicking buttons. Most of the interactable UI elements are sliders or spinners. For example, players control the ship's thrust with a slider to increase or decrease its speed, and the reactor is cooled by spinning a fan in circles. Even the main menu is navigated with a slider!

Reactor Cooling Asteroid Processing Flying Ship Trading Stocks